There are a few plug-ins and extensions that make for a much better experience.

Atom extension


Atom is an excellent free software code editor, and there is a Shoebot package that turns it into the ideal tool to experiment with Shoebot.

Install it as you would any other Atom package: go to Preferences, Install and search for the “shoebot” package. Once installed, you get these extra commands:

  • Run (Ctrl-Alt-R): Run the open sketch on a window

  • Export (Ctrl-Alt-E): Run and save the output to a file (SVG, PNG or PDF)

  • Export video: Run and save to an MP4 file

Be sure to check the extension options to set the location of your Shoebot installation.

Gedit plugin

This Gedit plugin adds a menu to allow for running Shoebot scripts. It will open a Shoebot window using the current document as the Shoebot code.

Run the following commands to add the plugin to Gedit:

cd shoebot/extensions/gedit
python3 install.py

Now restart Gedit. Navigate to Edit > Preferences > Plugins and activate the Shoebotit plugin.

TODO: document plugin usage